Zero Carbon by 2050

I have been interested in environmental issues from a young age and believe that global warming is a genuine emergency. I am also keenist on actual solutions and not just in shouting vague tropes about it, and therefore I am greatly annoyed by the ignorant, anti-capitalist "climate emergency" lobby who seem to wrap dealing with climate change inside a vague wish to destroy the modern world, which most of them will have benefited enormously from. It is of deep regret that "green" politics has become so associated with the far-left as it leads people to believe that only a socialist agenda is going to enable us to deal with global warming. It then leads to the political Right disavowing climate change because they too believe that only socialism will cure it.

This is total nonsense. In fact, I believe that the richer a country the more able it is to devote resources to implementing the technological changes required. Dealing with climate change is about engineering, not about society or politics. So here is my plan for Britain achieiving zero carbon by 2050.

Artificial meat and milk (tax on animal feed)

Decarbonise Electricity Generation

As at July 2019 the UK gets about 16% of its electricity from the wind and about 4-5% from solar power, and that is after 15 years of building wind turbines hand over fist. In order to move to electric cars, or cars powered by artifically produced petrol, and domestic heating coming from artifically generated gas we will need to TRIPLE the amount of electricity the country can
Implement the infrastructure required for electric cars
(cheaper to run than petrol - borrow against this)

Heat pumps, insulation and making methane

Tripling electricity generation - 200 nuclear power stations

talk about solar panels using up land, and biomass farce (insular thinking)