WeatherAction and snow forecasts - update Dec 2018

I have been following Weatheraction's forecasts for several years now and maintain as strongly as ever that there is something genuine to it. However, one area of forecasting where it has been consistently wrong is in forecasting snow for the British Isles. Each winter there has been a forecast of significant snowfall only for it not to materialise. I have come to disregard Weatheraction's forecasts of snow. There have been some occassions when the pressure forecast has been close but the snow has fallen to the East or West of the British Isles, but some occassions when it has not materialised at all. The Displaced Polar Vortex phenomenon is often a precurser to snow and this, I'm sure, is very difficult to predict accurately. Perhaps Piers remains smug about his 2010 forecast which predicted snow and got it right, when the Met Office was predicting a warm winter, and he hopes to use a similar occassion to publicily vindicate his forecasts. Also, with his assertion of global cooling taking place perhaps he over-eggs the snow forecasts because he believes this is what should be happening.

Weatheraction remains largely accurate - say 75-80% in pressure forecast terms - but snow is one area where potential for improvement remains. If Piers dropped his global warming assertions and tried to make friends with the weather forecasting establishment then perhaps he could get the funding for a supercomputer and a team of staff to systematically improve the process to the 90% success level it can undoubtedly achieve.