Support Fracking in the UK for jobs and prosperity....yes to shale gas!

Shale Gas mining through Hydraulic Fracturing, or "Fracking", has the potential to offer significant economic benefits to the United Kingdom. This resource should be exploited in full to create jobs, boost exports, generate tax revenue and stimulate other industries.

All forms of mining have localised environmental problems, but the problems associated with Fracking are not significant and can be managed with the correct legislation. Many opponents of Fracking have erroneously created scare stories about it that have no basis in fact. Shale Gas mining is considerably cleaner and safer than coal mining, which is an industry that has a long history in the UK.

Approximately a quarter of all the energy consumed in Britain is the gas that fuels gas domestic heating. There is NO 'renewable energy' substitute for this form of energy consumption that could be widely implemented in the near future, so we are going to be consuming significant amounts of gas for the forseeable future.

It would be a disaster to deny to the country the wealth that this major resource could offer. Supporters of Shale Gas should ask that its opponents make their objections based on evidence and to consider the benefits of it to our debt-ridden, poverty-stricken and declining nation. Shale Gas could initiate a significant economic revival.