Fracking: News & Updates

18th August 2013
(a snapshot of people at the demonstration - one wonders if these people could really argue their point?)
19th August 2013
Letter to 38Degrees
Dear Sir/Madam

I am very disappointed that 38 Degrees and the Left in politics generally is opposed to the mining of shale gas in Britain. It has the possibility to raise huge amounts of tax revenue for central government, huge amounts of money for cash-starved local authorities and create tens of thousands of well-paid jobs for ordinary people. One upon a time creating good jobs was a key element of left-wing politics but today it seems that jumping on environmental bandwagons is more important.

Coal mining is a considerably more dangerous form of mining and yet people on the Left bitterly resent what Thatcher did to the miners. I wonder why anyone bothered to oppose Thatcher's mine closures now when another form of mining is now met with such hostility. Will you concede that Thatcher was right? All this environmental opposition is nonsense given that there is no alternative to using gas for our central heating and wind turbines and solar panels only produce electricity (a fact lost on those who say we should invest in renewables instead. It's not a case of either/or. Only gas can power gas heating).

We can either make ever more money for Russia, the Middle East and Norway or start making money for this country by mining for this gas. It will make no difference to Co2 and methane emissions because we will simply go on buying more gas from abroad, whilst denying this country a share in that wealth.

Fracking may have some problems but they are much less than coal mining, something we managed in this country for centuries. 38 Degrees should support shale gas mining for the jobs, export earnings, and tax revenue that it could generate. The Left need to get their act together and decide where their priorities lie.

24th August 2013
The Liberal Democrats believe that UK shale has too much clay in it and can not be fracked.
Firstly, this is nonsense. Shale IS clay and though the chemical composition is slightly different everywhere UK shale is perfectly capable of being fracked to release gas. It is unlikely that Caudrilla would commit hundreds on millions of pounds to it if it was not possible. Fracking in Poland was not deemed to be viable at this stage of the technology due to a low amount of gas, but this has yet to be proved to be the case in Britain.
Secondly, even if fracking for UK gas turns out to require different technology to that in the US, why do we assume that we can not invent the technology required and even become a world leader in it? Why do people think that something is only possible if the American's have invented it first?

14th October 2013
A worrying new development but hopefully one where the legal system can swiftly produce a fair outcome. The government must set the legal case out clearly to be applied across the whole country. Water contamination is not a serious issue. The farmer appears to have general objection to fracking rather than any solid evidence he will be affect by it. However, it does offer the possibility that landowners could hansomley profit from shale gas like in the US. Perhaps Greenpeace and this individual may actually do the country a favour and help to speed up fracking rather than hinder it.

24th October 2013
A welcome development from the National Trust.

10th November 2013
Fracking is not a material threat to water supply.

13th November 2013
Britain needs to develop its shale gas resources as a matter of urgency.

14th January 2014
Hurray! "It's a bribe" say the usual suspects. (It never seems to occur to them that massive financial bungs to those hosting wind turbines are also bribes; if it's for a wind tubine it's an "incentive", if it's for fracking it's a "bribe" - hypocracy)

18th April 2014
The rule of law or the rule of the mob?

8th May 2014
The House of Lords backs fracking

6th January 2015
Anti-Fracking leaflet declared misleading by Advertising Standards Authority. From the article: 'Ken Wilkinson, who made the complaint to the ASA alongside retired local vicar Michael Roberts, said he was “sick to death of all the nonsense around fracking” and the “unscientific drivel spouted” by anti-fracking campaigners.'
Couldn't have put it better myself!

2nd July 2015
A disappointing decision by Lancashire Council not to allow fracking testing, but a decision that will hopefully be overturned on appeal and supported by central government. Meanwhile, a potash mine in the North York Moors was approved showing that common sense and the cause of economic prosperity can win the day.

23rd February 2015
A pro-fracking demonstration took place in Blackpool back in February.

23rd May 2015
Fracking exploratory work given the go-ahead in Yorkshire

18th March 2018
Following the poisoning of Russian spy Sergey Skripal in Salisbury now is the time for a full-scale rollout of fracking across the UK. There is no better way of hurting the fortunes of the Russian oligarchs, the tax revenue that Putin requires to fund his military adventures and to weaken the Russian economy than by making Britain self-sufficient in gas - or even a net exporter - and allowing Norway to become the principle supplier of gas to Eastern Europe.